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We offer a wide range of plumbing services right from repairs to replacements in domestic as well as commercial setups.

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UPVC windows

You have always had to choose between elegance and beauty or quality and security. But now, with UPVC windows from Itqan Company, you won’t have to compromise because UPVC windows are the most advanced and updated version of aluminum. They provide you with a beautifully aesthetic appearance, along with protection and security, as they prevent dust and insects from entering due to their thermal welding feature. They are also soundproof and heat-insulating, in addition to their high quality, which makes them durable without the need for replacement or maintenance.

UPVC doors

UPVC doors have recently become the most commonly used doors in all types of establishments, especially in vital facilities, malls, and hotels. This is because they are among the most secure and sturdy doors, made from a material called Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC), which is a renowned chemical used in modern building materials to increase their lifespan and durability due to its strength and hardness. Additionally, they are resistant to rust, fire, and unaffected by external environmental factors, with an attractive and distinctive appearance.

UPVC handrails

If you’re looking for handrails for your company, home, or commercial space, UPVC handrails from Itqan Company will undoubtedly be your best choice. Not only are they elegant, strong, and highly durable, but their high resistance to corrosion and rust makes them immune to abrasion and scratching. Additionally, they are fire-resistant, shock-resistant, non-conductive, and possess other qualities that make them the superior option for you.

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